If you have a Saddle Fitting complaint, please read the following Complaints resolution process.

Customer needs to contact the original Saddle Fitter to resolve the issue. The Saddle Fitter must return the Customer’s contact within a week and must make an appointment to do a follow up Saddle Fit ASAP after making contact with the Customer. If the issue is determined to be an error by the saddle fitter, than the visit will be at the expense of the saddle fitter.

However, if the issue is confirmed to not be a saddle fit issue, the Saddle Fitter will check that the rider is placing the saddle in the correct spot and will demonstrate using official ASFA principals that the saddle fit is correct and explain to the customer why this is the case. Where the customer was initially recommended by the saddle fitter to get another referred expert to deal with a non saddle fit issue, the saddle fitter will reinforce this position. In these instances, the cost of the saddle fit is at the expense of the customer. The saddle fitter will reinforce to the customer that any change in the horse’s diet or work will impact the saddle fit which will result in the need to do another saddle fit.

Please ensure you have read and understood ASFA’s Legal Disclaimer