ASFA (Accredited Saddle Fitters of Australasia) is Australasia's leading independent Institution for Saddle Fitting Accreditation.  ASFA achieves this through thorough initial and ongoing training of ASFA Accredited Saddle Fitters to ensure compliance to strict saddle fitting principals. ASFA Saddle Fitting standards are derived from 100 years practical experience drawn from The Society of UK Master Saddlers and leading USA Veterinarians combined with scientific methodology. The ASFA Saddle Fitting Accreditation is also proudly endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association


The Primary aim of ASFA is to deliver the ultimate saddle fit for both horse and rider.  ASFA also aims to educate on why you should have a regular Saddle Fit, explain The ASFA 15 Saddle Fit Checks to help you identify when you are due for a saddle fit and to provide you with easy access to find your local ASFA Accredited Saddle Fitter who can also refer you to other specialists where the issue is not due to saddle fit.


The experts behind ASFA: