For over 20 years, ASFA Accreditation has been the leading independent Saddle Fitting Accreditation in Australasia. Our faculty of experts are industry leaders in their field bringing over 100 years experience, including Ian Bidstrup, Brett Watson, David Jones-Parry, Jen Best and Sue De Crespigny.


The ASFA 6 year Master Saddle Fitting Traineeship is the only institution worldwide, that combines theoretical and hands on saddle fit principals, combined with comprehensive flocking and saddle adjustment modules. The initial course is followed by 12 months of in field training which is supported by course mentors, as you complete mid year assessments and prepare for your final Practical and Theoretical Accreditation Assessments. Our aim is to take the time to deliver quality professional saddle fitters who are equipped to fit a broad range of saddle brands and disciplines. The ASFA Training Paths enable you to realise your career aspirations!


4 reasons to complete your Saddle Fitting Accreditation with ASFA


1) 6 year Master Saddle Fitting Traineeship through exclusive ASFA Training Paths

ASFA is the only institute in Australasia to offer the official 6 year Master Saddle Fitting Traineeship. The 6 year program is based on 100 years experience and is taught by highly qualified ASFA Accredited Master Saddle Fitters. You can commence your Saddle Fitting Career as an ASFA Accredited Saddle Fitter with the confidence of having completed the most comprehensive foundation Saddle Fitting training course available in Australasia. The progressive three level curriculum enables you to realise yoru career aspirations through ASFA Training Paths, from ASFA Accreditation (Level 1) to become a Master Saddle Fitter:

ASFA Accreditation Certificate (Level 1)
ASFA Advanced Accreditation Certificate (Level 2)
ASFA Master Saddle Fitter (Level 3) 

ASFA courses also deliver the core CAIR® Saddle Fitting Module, qualifying participants as CAIR® Specialists. This module is exclusive only to ASFA.

2) Independent Institution

When selecting the right institute for saddle fitting, it's important for you to consider whether the accreditation is an industry recognised and independent qualification, which provides you with regular information and opportunities to refresh, to ensure ongoing compliance to evolving saddle fit standards.


ASFA (Accredited Saddle Fitters of Australasia) is Australasia's leading independent Institution for Saddle Fitting Accreditation.  ASFA achieves this through thorough initial and ongoing training of ASFA Accredited Saddle Fitters to ensure compliance to strict saddle fitting principals. ASFA Saddle Fitting standards are derived from 100 years practical experience drawn from The Society of UK Master Saddlers and leading USA Veterinarians, combined with scientific methodology. The ASFA Saddle Fitting Accreditation is also proudly endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association.


3) The right amount of theory and hands on experience

ASFA Saddle Fitting Courses provide the right amount of theory and practical hands on experience to ensure you fully understand how to apply theory when you are out in the field.  Unlike other courses, ASFA requires you to achieve a certain number of saddle fits before you are eligible to complete course assessment. This ensures you have sufficient experience to competently conform to strict ASFA standards.  Students are also encouraged to spend time with ASFA Advanced Accredited and/or ASFA Master Saddle Fitters during their traineeship to really cement saddle fit principals.  After you are qualified, you are required to refresh your accreditation every 3 years, to ensure you are always up to date with the latest in saddle fitting trends.


4) Ongoing ASFA Membership Benefits

ASFA Saddle Fitting Course information is regularly reviewed and is updated with the latest in trends and technology.  ASFA Members are provided with regular communication of new developments as part of their ASFA Membership Benefits, to ensure you are armed with the right information to be successful a saddle fitter.

On successful completion of your ASFA Saddle Fitting Course (after passing your exam), in addition to your Member Benefits you’ll:

  • Receive an updated official dated certificate
  • Have the ability to promote yourself as a credible ASFA Saddle Fitter
  • Listing of your Name and contact details on the ASFA website Saddle Fitter Locater which will be syndicated through other key websites
  • ASFA advertising which drives riders to the ASFA Saddle Fitter Locator ASFA PR designed to promote credibility of the ASFA brand leveraging key spokespeople