ASFA (Accredited Saddle Fitters of Australasia) is Australasia's leading independent Institution for Saddle Fitting Accreditation.  ASFA achieves this through thorough initial and ongoing training of ASFA Accredited Saddle Fitters to ensure compliance to strict saddle fitting principals. ASFA Saddle Fitting standards are derived from 100 years practical experience drawn from The Society of UK Master Saddlers and leading USA Veterinarians combined with scientific methodology. The ASFA Saddle Fitting Accreditation is also proudly endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association


The Primary aim of ASFA is to deliver the ultimate saddle fit for both horse and rider.  ASFA also aims to educate on why you should have a regular Saddle Fit, explain The ASFA 15 Saddle Fit Checks to help you identify when you are due for a saddle fit and to provide you with easy access to find your local ASFA Accredited Saddle Fitter who can also refer you to other specialists where the issue is not due to saddle fit.


The experts behind ASFA:

  • Dr Ian Bidstrup BVetSc(Hons)(Melb), MACVSc(Equine Medicine) Cert. Vet. Acupuncture (IVAS)(USA) Cert. Vet. Chiro.(AVCA)(USA) Master of Chiropractic Sc.(Animal Chiropractic) RMIT University, Master Saddle Fitter, Course Editor and Course Lecturer, Examiner. Dr Ian Bidstrup has a dual university qualification in Veterinary Science and Chiropractic Science and has a post graduate qualification in Acupuncture. Having treated spinal problems in horses, a major concern for Dr Bidstrup is the importance of a correctly fitting saddle. Dr Bidstrup is a joint principal lecturer at the ASFA level 1 and 2 courses. Dr Bidstrup also teaches saddle fitting at RMIT - Graduate Diploma in Animal Chiropractic. Dr Bidstrup has his own website relating to spinal injuries in horses and dogs, Spinal Vet. Dr Bidstrup explains spinal problems in horses including the symptoms which may indicate spinal problems in horses, treatment of horses with spinal problems, causes of spinal problems in horses and exercises to maintain better spinal health in our horses. Spinal Vet explains the basics of fitting saddles, improving the fit of your saddle, purchasing a dressage saddle to suit your horse and you as the rider, and the use and placement of wither shims. Dr Bidstrup also explains girth pain and dysfunction and effects on the spinal column including causes and symptoms.  Articles on spinal health by Dr Ian Bidstrup can be found on the Spinal Vet or Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association websites.
  • David Jones-Parry, Master Saddle Fitter, Examiner and Course Lecturer, Member of Society of Master Saddlers (UK).
  • Tim Mills, LCGI (Hons), Member of Society of Master Saddlers (UK). Tim Mills is a qualified UK Master Saddler who operates a saddle fitting service in England. Tim Mills started his saddler apprenticeship in 1981, becoming a master saddler in 1993. Tim Mills worked closely with the Society of Master Saddlers lecturing and assessing. Tim Mills has also lectured in Australia and America and was instrumental in developing the Accredited Saddle Fitters of Australasia Level 2 qualification course.
  • Dr Kerry Ridgeway, DVM, Cert Vet Chiro, Vet Acupuncture, Equisport Centre for Therapeutic Options, Sonoma, California.  Dr Kerry Ridgeway is certified in animal chiropractic by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and in acupuncture by the Veterinary Acupuncture Society. Dr Ridgeway was a founding member of the International Association for Equine Sports Medicine. Dr Ridgeway has written a book titled "Saddle Fitting from A to Z: The Most Comprehensive Saddle Fitting Guide".
  • Dr Joyce Harman, Harmany Veterinary Clinic, Washington, Virginia. DVM, Cert Vet Chiro, Cert Acupuncture.  Dr Joyce Harman graduated from Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr Harman is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and veterinary chiropractor. Dr Harman utilises a computerised saddle fitting device, the pliance®-s test system. The pliance®-s test system identifies the dynamic pressure distribution and can be directly compared to synchronised video pictures.  Dr Joyce Harman has written two books on saddle fit, The Horse’s Pain Free Back, The Western Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book
  • The Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association for accrediting the course. It is a major accolade to have the Association’s stamp of approval.