For over 20 years, ASFA Accreditation has been the leading independent Saddle Fitting Accreditation in Australasia. Our faculty of experts are industry leaders in their field bringing over 100 years experience, including Ian Bidstrup, Brett Watson, David Jones-Parry, Jen Best and Sue De Crespigny.


The ASFA 6 year Master Saddle Fitting Traineeship is the only institution worldwide, that combines theoretical and hands on saddle fit principals, combined with comprehensive flocking and saddle adjustment modules. The initial course is followed by 12 months of in field training which is supported by course mentors, as you complete mid year assessments and prepare for your final Practical and Theoretical Accreditation Assessments. Our aim is to take the time to deliver quality professional saddle fitters who are equipped to fit a broad range of saddle brands and disciplines. The ASFA Training Paths enable you to realise your career aspirations!


An ill-fitting saddle can actually be hurting your horse which can cause bad behaviour!

When was your last saddle fit? If you're like most riders, you've been riding for years and have never considered that your horse's bad behaviour may be due to an ill-fitting saddle which is causing pain. Unfortunately, horses cannot verbalise that they are in pain, however if you look closely, they may actually be shouting at you without you realising! We are often too quick to say our horse is "Naughty" when in reality they may be telling you they are actually "In Pain"!

Ensure you understand the importance of why you should have a regular Saddle Fit, check out the ASFA 15 Saddle Fit Checks to see if you're due for a saddle fit and call your your ASFA Accredited Saddle Fitter to make an appointment today. Your ASFA Accredited Saddle Fitter is also trained to identify and recommend other specialists if the problem is beyond a saddle fit.


Educational Fact sheets!

Do you know what to look for to know it's time for a Saddle Fit?  Have you booked a Saddle Fit and are not sure how you prepare?  Our Fact Sheets will provide you with some useful tips on Saddle Fitting!

Is it something other than a saddle fit issue?

Is false collection hurting your horse?

Is your horse not going well on one rein?

Are you putting your saddle too far forward?

Is it time for a saddle fit?

Preparing for your saddle fit


Saddle Fitting FAQs!

Check out our informative FAQs:


Saddle Fit Questions

Why should you saddle fit?

Can I put a front or back riser in to make the saddle fit?

Can I just put extra saddle pads under an ill-fitting saddle to alleviate the pressure on his wither?

When do you know Flocked saddles need to be re-stuffed

How do you know if the saddle fits the rider?

Can I get one saddle to fit a couple of horses?

How often should I get my saddle fitted?


Saddle Questions

How do I clean my leather saddle?

How do I clean my synthetic saddle?


Horse Behaviour and Pain Questions

My horse is really girthy - what should I do?

My horse has back pain - what should I do?


Girth Questions

Is it possible to change short girth points to be long girth points and vice versa?

Y-Girthing System explained


Easy Change Gullet Questions

Can I adjust my own Easy Change Gullet?

Can the gullet be changed to make the saddle fit every horse?


Cair Questions

What is the difference between Cair and Flock?